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Strategies that balance opportunities and drive results

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Strategic Planning

Articulate Your Pathway Forward

We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their organizations to effectively achieve their mission.  By clarifying your value proposition, honing in your core competencies, and understanding your customer needs, we help develop clear goals and objectives. Then we help you develop the action plans, performance indicators, and partnerships that turn these goals into accomplishments.  Over 70 nonprofits, government, industry, and academic organizations in over 20 states can attest to our results.

Innovation & Entrepreneurial Roadmaps

Build Innovation and Entrepreneurial Capacity

With years of experience in developing programs and policies that drive innovation, we develop roadmaps for government, universities and entrepreneurial organizations. Scruggs & Associates has led numerous state and regional efforts to accelerate the commercialization of research, build entrepreneurial capacity, and foster early stage capital formation. We are adept at crafting state legislation and at developing performance metrics or innovation indices to assist with measuring impact.

Program & Policy Assessments

Enhance Your Outcomes

Reboot, Refresh, and Reposition...From time to time, programs need refreshing and policies need to be examined for effectiveness. At Scruggs & Associates, we assess economic and organizational strategies for their effectiveness to understand whether or not they are having the desired return on investment and impact on the community or customer base you are serving.  We specialize in examining state level economic and innovation policies and funding programs, and benchmarking programs across states.

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